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Investment potentials and capacities in the province


Ilam province has many potentials and capabilities such as: Mehran international border as the closest border to access the Iraqi market, downstream oil, gas and petrochemical industries, non-metallic minerals, fertile lands and abundant historical and natural monuments, health tourism , Handicrafts and carpets, the great Arbaeen event, etc., which are part of these pristine capacities, and in this website, in order to introduce more of these capacities, describe them, the most important projects that can be invested and the necessary incentives in The direction of attracting investors will be mentioned.

The purpose of setting up a provincial investment service center

This center, in order to support, facilitate and expedite matters related to investment in the province, Ilam Investment Services Center, as a reference center for domestic and foreign investors and a coordination authority with the Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization of Iran, as well as executive agencies that are licensed. Investment and business exports are formed.

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Provincial investment opportunities system

Investors need to be made aware of valuable investment opportunities so that they can make decisions easily. Therefore, they will not wait for the bureaucratic corridors in the offices to produce and publish a list of investment opportunities that belong to previous months and years. Today, information technology and cyberspace have made it possible to provide up-to-date and up-to-date information to investors.

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Statistics and reports
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Investment in the province's oil and gas sector

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Daily oil extraction in the province

The most important ongoing projects in the province's oil and gas sector

Dehloran Petrochemical
Polypropylene park
Mehran Petrochemical (Saman Zagros Petrochemical)
Statistics of the province's share of the country's oil and gas resources
Share of oil resources of the province

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The country's oil resources


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The share of gas resources in the province

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The country's gas resources


Position between provinces
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Provincial Investment Atlas

Improving the business environment through scientific and innovative methods is essential to accelerate and facilitate access to investment infrastructure, including land, economic attractiveness, identifying laws and regulations and incentives, outsourcing bank ownership plans, and defining business priorities. Work and investment Preparing an investment atlas is essential


Industrial licensed units


Mineral licensed units

Ilam is a land of investment opportunities

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Judge system or system for receiving, reflecting, following up and handling the complaints of business license applicants, which has been set up with the aim of facilitating the issuance of business licenses and eliminating redundant regulations based on three factors: “reduction of time, cost and issuance steps”.

Important news in the field of investment in the province

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